The Spice Box Story

The Spice Box Story

People have been eating Indian food forever. But to us, there’s always been something missing. Something individual and real, casual and convenient, authentic and fresh. Something foodies could call their own without scaring off the less adventurous. But what? How could we step up the experience of people who already love Indian while grabbing the attention of those who, alright let’s just say it, are afraid of Indian? (You know who you are.)

Turns out, to mix things up, sometimes you have to think inside the Box.

Of course, our food is affordable and crafted from scratch with only the highest quality ingredients. But to change the way you think and feel about, how you actually eat, Indian food, we had to look inside. What did we remember from growing up? What was our equivalent of the difference between a regular burger and those burgers your dad conjured up on the grill that you’ve never quite been able to replicate?

Whether you choose one of our classic dishes like the Spice Box and Chicken Tikka Masala, or one of our unique Spice Crafted Selections, each bite you take is more than a trip around the world. It’s a trip back in time to our childhood.

Our goal is to give you the best food experience around by introducing you to the real flavor of India. The only thing we’re missing, is you.

The Food – and the people

It’s not just that we have a passion for great Indian food (or any food for that matter, but we only serve Indian), it’s that we don’t understand anyone who doesn’t. When you move from India to the States half way through growing up, you literally get a world of culinary experience. A mouth-opening experience we’ve always wanted to share with people. At considerably less than the cost of a round-trip ticket to Delhi.

As for freshness, authenticity and friendly service, let’s just say we know our parents might stop by at any time to keep an eye on us. So we make sure we use the best locally grown ingredients to bring you what are basically our their recipes. After all, we don’t want them taking away the keys to the truck. That would seriously hinder business.

Spice Box is coming for you!

Why an Indian foodtruck? Why not? Besides, when you serve Indian food this good, you just can’t wait for Indianapolis to come find you. You have to go find Indianapolis. And let’s face it, nothing was more exciting than the ice cream truck rolling down your street when you were a kid. So follow Spice Box on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, put a tracking chip on us for all we care. Just make sure you’re hungry when we get there.

Visit us at City Market, Fletcher Place or check the Truck Schedule.